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Was bored. Boyfriend and I decided to do a random shoot~ (


Was bored. Boyfriend and I decided to do a random shoot~ (

Inception maybe?
SadPanda/MarzGurl - Be Za Game (English Adaptation)
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Finally, after all this time, this is the English adaptation of Be Ze Game, the intro to the FamiKamen Rider series of JewWario’s videos.

When Justin Carmical was first creating FamiKamen Rider, he said he wanted the reviews to look like an actual tokusatsu/Kamen Rider TV intro.  He then asked me if I would be capable of writing lyrics for his theme song, as well as singing it.  In Japanese.  I was of course thrilled that he had asked me, and it was true that I have a small level of Japanese language certification, but the idea was still intimidating.  He’d asked Julien (SadPanda) to compose the backing track, and once that was done he sent it my way.  

When the instrumental came to me, I sat and listened to it… and I thought, “What the hell am I going to do!?”  Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it sounded like something attached to most Kamen Rider intros, but I wasn’t about to give up.  I just decided that the lyrics had to be very, very Kamen Rider, but while still being funny and light-hearted, much like the host of the show.  So, certain lyrics like “Semaru Nega yo!” (Nega is approaching!) were specifically reminiscent of classic lyrics (“Semaru Shokkah” - Shocker is approaching - from the first Kamen Rider intro).  

Furthermore, I realized I wouldn’t be able to write some of the lyrics without first knowing and understanding what the series was about.  I didn’t necessarily want Justin to spoil it for me, but I asked him if he’d be alright with sharing the script for the first part of his two-part miniseries with me.  And so I was able to write something that didn’t sound completely different from what was actually in the show.  And with a little help from a native Japanese speaker, I was able to come up with lyrics that not only matched the setting and tone of the show, but were also grammatically correct (very important!).  

The end result is what you now see in his Rider Reviews (example here with the Segata Sanshiro game review):

But one thing I had always told Justin was that I was planning on making an English adaptation of the exact same song.  Something that wasn’t just a literal translation (because you can clearly see that literal translation in the subtitles of the videos), but a REAL adaptation, that sounds good in English and rhymes (because for some reason English likes to rhyme when Japanese doesn’t really care all that much).  He seemed really excited about it, though he honestly never asked me to do it.  But it was something I always really WANTED to do.

Then, lots of stuff happened.  2012 to 2013 wasn’t very easy for me, and in fact, the hard drive that stored SadPanda’s instrumental for me was no longer easily accessible for me, so I went all this time without ever having recorded it.  Needless to say, in this time of loss, I really, really, REALLY wanted to finish it right away.  But I STILL couldn’t get connected to my old hard drive, and actually SadPanda himself no longer had the instrumental.  Luckily for me, someone on Twitter (thank you very much Christian!) actually had all of the audio, and send the instrumental my way the other day.  And today, I finished the English lyrics and re-recorded it.  I only did a little bit of audio touch-up.  I can only do so much.  I’m not a professional, and I don’t have a studio or anything.  But it’s not exactly a lot different from what the original song sounded like.

There’s still a large part of me that would love to see the FamiKamen Rider series get off the ground, even now.  Not like I have any clue how that would ever get executed, especially without Justin.  Some have suggested that it be a comic.  Some have suggested that it be an animation.  Maybe it’s too soon to even think about.  Though I think that there’s enough people out there who would want to see it happen in some way, shape, or form, and I think there’s resources there to be pulled from.  I still have some information on what was happening… I don’t know.  Maybe it could be a thing, or maybe we should just let it be, and stay the fun little thing it was.

But for now, Justin, this is the gift I always intended on giving to you.  I am kicking myself and am somewhat mad at myself that I never just freaking did it sooner.  But it’s here.  And I hope it brings the people who knew you and your work a little bit of joy.  It’s still the same lyrics.  Just in a different language.  It’s still about the same old character, the same old you.  I would never want to change it.

Missing you, my friend.

FamiKamen Rider
When things seem as dark as they can be
He saves the world with button-mashing

You see this guy right here?
He plays games every day
You’re telling me he’s a hero?
There’s no way!
Help!  Nega is coming!
Won’t someone do something?
FamiKamen Rider
The last of the fighting Warion
When he transforms using his belt, the game is on!
FamiKamen Rider
You better take this man seriously
He’s got some game reviews he knows he’s got to do
Be the Game!

They’re better then most of the crap they call music on there. why not?


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Did any of you catch me at Anime Expo this year? If you got a picture of me send me an ask, I’d like to see how it came out! Thanks.

Day 1- Miles “Tails” Prower (Humanized)

Day 2- Ryuuji Takasu (Summer/Spring Uniform)

Day 3- Yusuke Urameshi 

Day 4- AppleJack (Humanized)

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